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About This Site

PlayItOnTheWeb is a free online repository of all types of freely-playable online games, in many formats: flash games, browser-based competitive multiplayer games, downloadable games for PC or Mac, HTML5/Websocket games, and more.

Games are added to the site by our members, uploaded from authors and distributors, or obtained from other distribution networks on the internet that provide free games for whoever wants them. If you have a game you'd like to publish on PlayItOnTheWeb, use the submit form. If a game of yours has been published without your consent, please contact us with your information and we'll be happy to remove it.

PIOTW adds another layer to the gaming experience by providing rewards for activity on the site: playing and rating games, socializing and competing with other players, contributing to the community, and spreading the word about PlayItOnTheWeb. You can earn experience points and gold, awards, achievements, and more. We call this "meta-gamification", and it's designed for people like us, who enjoy games so much they even enjoy games ABOUT games.

Our goal is to provide the most enjoyable online gaming experience possible for both casual and dedicated players of all ages. Create a username/password now to start tracking your progress as you play games and get scores!