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Wack Wrestling Challenge

You can create your fighter and then go up against the Computer or another player in the ring.


Use the ARROW KEYS to move your fighter in the wrestling ring. When your opponent is standing, use "I" KEY to punch and "O" KEY to kick (press "I" and "O" when locked with an opponent or to get back up when down). Press "P" KEY to do a super move when your power gauge is full. When your opponent is down, use "I" KEY to perform jump attack / grab (if you are near opponent), "O" KEY for ground kick and "P" KEY to immobilize th opponent to the ground and if it lasts 3 seconds you win the match. Lets Fight!

Plays: 1,830   |   Ratings: 4   |   Avg Rating: 5.5   |   Published on 2/11/2017

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