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Sonic Sky Chase

In this Flash version of the Sky Chase Zone from the classic 1992 game "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" your mission is to help Sonic to kill 25 Valkyn badniks in each level in order to progress to the next one, and finally to take on Dr. Robotnik in an aerial battle.


Use the Cursor keys (Arrow keys) to fly Tails's Tornado airplane towards the enemies and then use the Space Bar to make Sonic spin-jump off the wing to attack.

There are twice as many badniks to kill in each level as in the previous one, and each time you defeat Dr. Robotnik in Level 4 the game returns to Level 1 and the badniks speed up. Because the game becomes very difficult after a while, there is an invincibility cheat just in case you want one - press Up, Down, Left, Right + "A" in the

Plays: 9,294   |   Ratings: 12   |   Avg Rating: 5.3   |   Published on 7/9/2008

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