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Defend Your Inglor

Help the legendary robot, Inglor, to shoot down the army of suicidal nOObs, and defend planet BBS.


The bad news is that the robot's tractions and firing systems have been sabotaged, and it is currently under assault by a massive army of suicidal n00bs. Your job is to help beat off this onslaught and repair 1-ng-l0r's systems so it can continue on its merry way. Buy weapon and other upgrades from the store at the end of each level.

Use your Mouse to turn around and aim, Left Click to fire. As you proceed further more and more enemies are sent to attack you, so be prepared. Good Luck.

Plays: 3,371   |   Ratings: 17   |   Avg Rating: 6.3   |   Published on 10/14/2010

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